The worlds I create are rich with detail and nuance, a lot of which have no place in their finished stories. So I create detailed sites for each. These sites brim with character notes, illustrations, and details that broaden the experience of my overall work, I wholeheartedly invite you to take a wander through them!

Sometimes there be dragons, and sometimes giant robots. But always the worlds I write about share one aspect, something that my fiction has in common with reality in fact. That those who inhabit them can make the world around them better.

Whether you're looking for light escapist fun or you just want a rippin good tale of found family and oddballs kicking butt, I hope you’ll enjoy your tour through the places I’ve created.

Flame and Claw

Sara Osborne thought she had life all figured out. She ran away from home at sixteen, and it's been just Sara and her kitty co-pilot Arthur driving her van from town to town, finding work and living free. Until Sara gets a disturbing message from her little brother. “Dad's dead, I'm alone. I need you. Please come home.”

But when Sara returns to Seattle, she finds that little is as she remembers it.

Now, there are carloads of violent Angels who call her Peacebreaker, family friends that turn out to be wizards, cute lawyers who sprout wings, and a war between Immortal beings that Sara is caught in the middle of… and we haven't even gotten to the girl who made Sara run away in the first place.


Flame and Claw takes place in a world not unlike our own, at least on the surface. It's an urban fantasy set in Seattle, where five mortals infused with shards of the Immortal Dragon fight a cold and desperate war to protect the souls of humanity from those who see us as food.

Check out the Flame and Claw site!

Rangers on the Rim

Rangers are the law on the frontier, the only force holding civilization together in the wake of galactic-level collapse. They’re some of the very few remaining people who can operate the fantastic technology left over from the fall of the Imperium, and they’re all that stands between the innocent and the long bloody night.

When the Ranger scout ship Excelsior Advance is stranded out on Oasis -the most inappropriately named planet in history- her crew will have to team up with a local rogue on the run with a secret that might just help rebuild the galaxy.

...assuming nobody shoots the scoundrel first.


Rangers on the Rim is a spaghetti western in space fueled by eighties anime, rock n’ roll, giant robots, genetics gone awry and a squad of butt-kicking oddballs who pride themselves on sticking it to those as need it stuck to.

Sound fun? Then hop aboard the Excelsior Advance and blast off into adventure!

Check out the Rangers site!

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