An urban fantasy series of novels set in Seattle, Washington, Flame and Claw is planned for three books. The series also marks the debut of it's author, Devlin James.

Flame and Claw is the story of Sara Osborne, a young woman who ran away from home seven years earlier. Upon her father's death, Sara returns to rescue her teenage brother from the foster system only to find the city both familiar and strange.

Old family friends turn out to be wizards, roving carloads of Angels want her dead, the cats are talking, the cute lawyer sprouts batwings, and the best beer in town is brewed by a clan of trolls down by the bridge. Her family has been on the frontlines of a war between immortal beings, and Sara didn't even know about it.

But that's childsplay compared to what happens when Sara again comes face to face with Maria, her best friend and first love.

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