Three books are planned of the series, though I'll never rule out more adventures in this world. -Dev

  • Peacebreaker

    Sara Osborne thought she had life all figured out. She ran away from home at sixteen, and it's been just Sara and her kitty co-pilot Arthur driving her van from town to town, finding work and living free. Until Sara gets a disturbing message from her little brother. “Dad's dead, I'm alone. I need you. Please come home.”

    But when Sara returns to Seattle, she finds that all is not as she remembers.

    Now, there are carloads of violent Angels who call her Peacebreaker, family friends that turn out to be wizards, cute lawyers who sprout wings, and a war between Immortal beings that Sara is caught in the middle of… and we haven't even gotten to the girl who made Sara run away in the first place.

  • Lightbringer

    On the same night that the Seraph Tower downtown exploded, Sara Osborne disappeared.

    Ever since, Maria Garcia-Flores has had dreams that suggest Sara —her best friend— wasn't an ordinary young woman, that Angels want to kill her, that she could hurl fireballs, and that maybe those Angels weren't the good guys. Nothing in Maria's life is making sense, even her memories don't feel real anymore.

    She has to find Sara. Maria already lost her once. Not again, not ever again.

    But this rabbit hole goes deeper than Maria could guess, and she ends up in a wonderland even stranger that she dared imagine. A war between Immortal beings is heating up again after a thousand-year truce was shattered, and Sara is at the center of all of it.

    Maria has to make a choice: stand with the friend, or stand with Bearers of Light.

  • Worldender

    I'm still in the middle of writting this one, but that's one dang ominous title, no?

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